The first thing you should do is submit your campaign. Tell us what you want to raise funds for and about the future you want to create. This project can be for a non-profit, profit, or any other project you want to start.

However, in order for your project to be published, you need to go through the approval process. If the project does not meet our guidelines or changes are not made to fit, we may reject it.

The projects will be published if:

  1. Start and end well defined within the categories we offer on the site. This way the supporters will know what they are investing in.
  2. They are not of questionable or controversial morals, with political, religious or sexual causes. We evaluate each project individually, considering its mission, vision and objectives.
  3. Meet the terms and conditions defined by the platform. Krowding reserves the right to edit the projects if they do not fit the conditions of the site within the established time.

If you have any questions about the criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us.