Ready to start your campaign? Here are some useful tips and tricks to make it successful:

  • Engage with your Community

This is an important first step. By engaging your community, you will be able to build supporters. This helps your community feel a part of your project and they will be more likely to support you.

  • Telling your story

This is vital. Make sure you describe who you are, why you are fund raising and how you plan to use the money. As your project develops make sure to update your supporters. This will make your followers be a part of your journey.

  • Build a team

Campaigns that have a team are more than three times likely to raise all the funds they need. Having a reliable team who campaign for you will make a great difference. A team will allow you to draw upon many different strengths and also you will be able to divide tasks so you can be successful in your crowdfunding.

  • Tell Your Facebook Friends

Spreading the word on Facebook is a great way to increase your donations. Share your campaign with your network by sending messages to friends, groups and organising events.

  • Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Twitter is another way to successfully increase your donations. It provides a wide audience with which to share your story. Also use Twitter to reach out to other organizations with a vested interest in your campaign. This will not only increase your campaign reach but also provide an opportunity to form a partnership with that organization to help with your fundraising.

  • Throw an Event

Everyone loves a great party! Organize an event or dinner to help you raise funds.This is an awesome opportunity for your audience to meet you in person and hear first-hand why they should donate to your cause. This way you will be able to really convey your passion for your project and how their funding would create a social impact.